When Google sunset the iGoogle homepage, I was unable to consume the web content in the manner that I had for so many years. None of the replacements I tried suited my needs. If you are here, I assume the same is true for you. Damage can help.

Why are there so few gadgets?

I have only been working on this project for a few months in my spare time. I would like to eventually create a way for developers to submit gadgets to me. However, the platform needs quite a bit of work before that can happen.

Why does Damage.IO ask for so much access to my Google account?

Currently, I have to ask for all permissions that any of the gadgets need, even if you aren’t using those particular gadgets.

Something is broken!

Please send any issues to support@damage.io along with instructions on how to reproduce the problem. Please keep in mind that I am only one person developing this project in my spare time.

For news on upcoming features and bug fixes, follow Damage.IO on twitter.

If you like what I've done so far and want to encourage future development, click the donate button on the bottom right of the site. It is always much appreciated!